About Us


To develop the language, comprehension, and presentation skills of youth in central Texas through competitive spoken word poetry. To provide a safe space for youth in central Texas to express themselves freely, without fear or judgment. To promote the artistic and leadership talents of youth in central Texas as they engage with their community.


We are committed to the life changing advancement of middle and high school students in arts and education by teaching Austin's youth to be better readers, writers and thinkers. We teach, empower, and promote young voices through the craft of storytelling and spoken word. By providing workshop, performance, and collaborative opportunities, we cultivate critical thinking, student literacy and community leadership.


The “Speak Piece” youth poetry slam team is Austin’s competitive high school poetry slam team. Our goal is to build a community of youth artists who are excited about not just self expression and determination, but also representing the City of Austin as a competitive unit every year.


The “Poetry Project” is our effort to develop communities for poetry all over the Greater Austin area. In the first year of this program, we reached over 800 students in Austin by offering presentations and workshops to schools. Our group of teaching artists are ready to cultivate and promote like minded projects, spaces, and artists all over central Texas.